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** Brainwash's 2018 Release **

The sequel to 2006's "Amnesia"


" A M Y G D A L A "

Following a very long, 11 year hiatus from the game - BRAINWASH returned to the rap game with his long-awaited, very highly-anticipated, brand-new album release - "AMYGDALA"  - in 2018...     Including 21 brand-new hard-hitting tracks - some of which featured epic appearances by The Black Rhino, Prodeje (South Central Cartel), The Narrator RBX, Nutt-So (Outlawz), MC Eiht and Domino  -  BRAINWASH made one helluvan impact on the game that he left behind in 2007, after flooding the game with a plethora of dope releases recorded between 2004 and 2007,  (following a return from his 1st 5 year hiatus from rap from 1999

- 2004), following some criminal cases that Brainwash caught, that led him to having to do some time for a while).

"AMYGDALA"  was the best work to date by BRAINWASH...   This 2018 album brought real "boom bap"  hip-hop back and

has 21 super dope new slammers =  1 intro, 3 interludes and 17 super dope new songs!   Most of the production was done

by Brainwash himself, as most of his projects are...    With 5 tracks done by Brainwash's late mentor and brother, the

super-producer The Black Rhino!   It's an incredible album, with the major hits "We Can Get It On" (feat. Nutt-So)

and "The Golden Age" (feat. Prodeje)...    

When Brainwash was working on this new record, starting in 2017, he wound-up making 50 dope new tracks.   By 2018,

when he released the album - he boiled down the dopest 21 of them that best fit the album's energy and those became

the "Amygdala" album - with the remainder of the songs being archived for the time being.   18 of those leftovers wound

up coming out as the underground accompaniment CD release, "Purgatory", which is another super dope release too!

The rest got archived into the Sykadelik vaults and will remain there for another underground release to follow.

This album is available here on CD and digital download, and is also available on both formats anywhere and

everywhere else that dope music is sold and streamed too!   Make sure you get yourself a copy of this instant

classic!   And watch out for the new album by Brainwash, "Acetylene", coming real soon in 2020 - which is the

conclusion of this particular Sykadelik trilogy!!!




Teaser video for new album.  (Use of Stranger Things footage is purely for entertainment purposes).  Video by Scrambyvision Productions

Brainwash - Amygdala - CD Cover.jpg


Release Date:  April 2018

The dopest shit of Brainwash's catalog...   - a return to REAL rap music

Owner/CEO, Recording Artist, Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Designer, Poet

Brainwash was first introduced as a member of the group Stockton 187 in back 1989, recording/releasing an underground tape with them before launching an individual career the following year, with his debut solo underground tape.    A few more tapes followed & then, in 1996, he released his 1st official studio album - the legendary, groundbreaker "Skitsofrenic".     Over the span of the next 11 years, he would release some follow-up underground projects, star in a feature film, make movies of his own, create soundtracks for other filmmakers, release more studio albums (including the hits "Posthumous", "Current Events"   &  the acclaimed classic "Amnesia", among others), write/publish a novel & a collection of poetry as well as launch a graphic design & merchandise company, a retail store and develop & oversee releases by other artists.   He returns after an 11 year break from the game with the best work of his career - the new album "Amygdala".



Released in 2006

"Amnesia" is widely regarded as one of Brainwash's best.  This 22 song masterpiece features such classics as "Rise 2 Power", "Heaven Forbid" & "Shattered Dreams" as well as the hit "Careful What U Wish 4".  It features production by Brainwash himself as well as by his long time music mentor & collaborator The Black Rhino (who also makes a couple guest appearances lyrically as well).  Other features include Social Insecurity & 2-Tone.

Brainwash - Skitsofrenic CD Cover.jpg


Released in 1996,
Re-Released in 2011 (15 Year Edition), 
& 2016 (20 Year Anniversary Collector's Edition)

"Skitsofrenic" is Brainwash's debut studio album & it's groundbreaking style led to it becoming considered a "must have" classic in any true rap fan's CD collection.  Features production by The Black Rhino (formerly known as Crazy-8 aka 8-Ball) and Brainwash himself, as well as guest appearances lyrically by Rhino, D-Cal & Koid.  It was re-released in 2011 with modified artwork & again in 2016 with different art + an unreleased bonus track by Brainwash featuring N-Sane of Mental Illness & Big Juice called "Rest In Paradise" (an RIP tribute to Rhino, who passed away in 2012).

Brainwash - Current Events CD Cover.jpg


Released in 2005

Before "Amnesia" hit in 2006, "Current Events" dropped a year earlier and up to that point, was considered Brainwash's best work-to-date.  Featuring the hits "Keep My Nose Clean", "Mean Green" & "No Warning Shots" and guest appearances by The Black Rhino, Rokr, Koid & Social Insecurity.  All but 2 songs were produced by Brainwash (1 by The Black Rhino, 1 by Koid).

Brainwash - Lyrically Speaking CD Cover.jpg


Released in 2005

"Lyrically Speaking" is Brainwash's 1st underground release after moving to Las Vegas in 2005.  It features the memorable tracks "Imaginary Friends", "Remember This" & "Broccoli, Cabbage & Karats".  The album features The Black Rhino, Sonny Black & Koid.  Some production by Rhino, the rest by Brainwash himself.

Brainwash - Posthumous CD Cover.jpg


Released in 1999

"Posthumous" is Brainwash's 2nd official studio album & follow-up to his classic debut "Skitsofrenic".   This album takes a different approach & features live musicians and numerous lyrical styles as well.   Featuring appearances by Mad-Cel, Koid, Four Feet Projects, J. TRU$ (of Planet Mongrel) & Rickochet.   All but 1 song (done by J. TRU$) was produced by Brainwash himself.  The album features the hits "Chemistry", "Everybody Kill Yourself" & "How We Handle That".

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