Brainwash - "Amnesia"

Brainwash - "Amnesia"



All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment


Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Brainwash

* Produced, Mixed & Engineered by The Black Rhino

Recorded at The InstruMental Ward & Rhino Beats - Las Vegas, NV.

Graphic Design by Brainwash


Track Listing:

1.  First Impression

2.  Hotel Kalifornia *

3.  Make U Famous

4.  Tickin' Timebomb

5.  Judge, Jury & Executioner

6.  Shattered Dreams

7.  Careful What U Wish 4  (featuring The Black Rhino & 2-Tone) *

8.  Worth Fighting For

9.  Playin' With Fire *

10.  Heaven Forbid

11.  Once Upon A Time  (featuring Social Insecurity)

12.  Rise 2 Power  (featuring The Black Rhino) *

13.  Thick & Thin

14.  Sweet & Sour

15.  Smash & Grab

16.  Life Is...  Too Long

17.  Look Who's Talking

18.  False Alarms

19.  2 Big 4 Ur Britches

20.  With Friends Like These

21.  Come 2 This *

22.  All Around The World  (Sykadelik Megamixx)


Notes About This Release:

2006's "Amnesia" was the last official studio album recorded/released by Brainwash before his retirement from the music business in 2007, is widely regarded as being his best work and is known to be his personally favorite release.   It features some production by The Black Rhino, who also makes an appearance on 2 songs lyrically as well.   2-Tone does the hook on 1 song and Brainwash's group Social Insecurity jumps on a collaboration track with Brainwash on 1 song as well.   Includes the hit singles "Heaven Forbid" (dedicated to the memory of Brainwash's friend Ruben Ramirez who was murdered in 2005, as well as "Rise 2 Power", "Careful What U Wish 4" and the incredibly deep "Shattered Dreams".




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    Sykadelik Music;  Gangsta / Reality Rap;  Alternative Rap


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