Brainwash - "Death Around the Corner"

Brainwash - "Death Around the Corner"



All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment


Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Brainwash ("Da Kid")

* Produced, Mixed & Engineered by 8-Ball (later known as "Crazy-8" aka "The Black Rhino")

** Produced by DJ Mista Vicious and Mixed/Engineered by Brainwash

Recorded at The Mental Ward and Sick-Ness Studios - Stockton, CA

Graphic Design by Brainwash


Track Listing:

1.  D.A.T.C. (intro)

2.  Here Comes The Pain

3.  Iz It Cool 2 Fuck?

4.  The Virus (bootleg) **

5.  Leave a Message

6.  Leave This Place (freestyle)

7.  My So-Called Homiez

8.  The Omen

9.  Sick In The Head (original) *

10.  The People vs. Brainwash

11.  Murderous Mentality (original) - featuring Distinct (aka Icarus Jones)

12.  Foreva Holdja Piece (bootleg) **

13.  209 Souljah (bootleg) **

14.  They Told Me I Was Nuts



Notes About This Release:

"Death Around the Corner" is Brainwash's third and final solo underground tape recorded before becoming known as the recording artist "Brainwash" who dropped the "Skitsofrenic" album in 1996, and is the only one done after meeting/connecting with producer/artist/mentor 8-Ball aka Crazy-8 aka The Black Rhino (who produced the original version of "Sick In The Head" for this underground tape).   When it was originally released, it was the 1st project to be circulated bearing both names ("Da Kid" and "Brainwash") on the original released versions.    The tape also features a young Stockton artist named Distinct (who would later change his name and release projects under the name Icarus Jones).   It is a great preview release of the type of music that Brainwash and The Black Rhino would later create together for Brainwash's debut studio album release in 1996 and beyond.


Please note that this is an underground release, not a studio album, and was originally released only as a cassette tape in 1994.   It didn't become a CD until much later, when it was mastered-to-disc more for preservation purposes than for commercial release.   I wouldn't expect to find these available again any time soon.




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    Gangsta / Reality Rap;  Horror-Movie Rap