Brainwash - "Politics"

Brainwash - "Politics"



All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment


Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Brainwash

* Produced, Mixed & Engineered by The Black Rhino

** Produced by Brainwash and Mixed/Engineered by J. TRU$.

Recorded at The Mental Ward, L&L Studios & Joey's Uncle's House.  

Graphic Design by Brainwash



Track Listing:

1.  Rearisen (intro)

2.  Fatal Attraction

3.  First Time Be The Last Time

4.  At The Gates

5.  Shake The Snakes

6.  Turbulence

7.  Last Transaction  (featuring Koid)

8.  Welcome 2 Stockton (remix)

9.  Smiling Faces  (featuring The Black Rhino)  *

10.  Sticky Situation (remix)  (featuring Koid & Lunatik)  **

11.  Till Death Do Us Part

12.  The Money Made Me Do it

13.  How It All Began

14.  Another Day In The Life

15.  Friendz

16.  Paper View



Notes About This Release:

After Brainwash released his groundbreaking debut studio album in 1996, he spent the following year starring in a feature film (and subsequently also dropping a collection of previously unreleased "horror movie rap" songs recorded between 1994-1996 on a CD called "Razor Blades...") - he decided that he wanted to make a movie of his own & in 1998, he wrote/directed/produced/co-starred & recorded songs for his feature film "Smoked Out".   Like he did a year earlier with "Razor Blades...", Brainwash decided to put out some previously unreleased tracks recorded between '94 - '96 to tide over the fans until he could get back into the studio and craft something new.   The result was this CD - "Politics", featuring 16 tracks from the vaults that touched into the more traditional "gangsta" or "reality" rap type genre.   

Please note that this is an underground release, not a studio album (meaning it does not include new music intended for release as a project of it's own).   This is a must have for all true Brainwash and underground music fans, however, and does include the first song Brainwash & Black Rhino ever did together "Smiling Faces" (albeit, in a very poor quality version) - a track that was recorded in 1995 (Brainwash's first time ever in a "real" studio).   True fans will recognize some of his lyrics on this track having been used as samples for hooks later-on.   Sadly, the master tapes of this song were lost in 1995 which is why the sound quality is so bad on the version you'll hear here.




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    Gangsta / Reality Rap

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