Brainwash presents - the "Eclectic Fusion" compilation

Brainwash presents - the "Eclectic Fusion" compilation



All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment


Featuring tracks from Brainwash; The Black Rhino (Crazy-8) & Spice-1; J. TRU$ / Planet Mongrel; Four Feet Projects; Destro; Damage & Mudbone; Hemp Nation; Koid.


Track Listing:

1.  The Black Rhino (Crazy-8) featuring Spice-1 - "Bust Back" (remix)

2.  Koid - "Would U Die 4 Me?"

3.  Brainwash - "Karma's Buried Treasure"

4.  Planet Mongrel featuring J. TRU$ - "Jupiter"

5.  Damage & Mudbone - "Zone"

6.  Four Feet Projects - "Down" (live)

7.  Koid featuring J. TRU$ - "I Can't Help Myself"

8.  Hemp Nation - "The Spinning Sea"

9.  Destro - "Memories" (live)

10.  Brainwash - "See About A Girl"

11.  Planet Mongrel featuring J. TRU$ - "Danger"

12.  Koid - "How Real It Is"

13.  Destro - "2 Years" (live)

14.  Four Feet Projects - "Push" (live)

15.  Brainwash - "Jake & The Magic Goatee"

16.  Hemp Nation - "Monkey On Tha 1"

17.  Koid - "Father Forgive Me"

18.  Brainwash - "Last Words"



Notes About This Release:

Please note that this album does not include any rap songs by Brainwash.   The 4 Brainwash tracks are spoken word poetry over music.

Unfortunately, due to Brainwash gettiing arrested in 2000 - this project did not get put together correctly & never saw it's full potential of what the vision for it was supposed to be.   Instead, the CD ended up being a total failure, commercially & artistically.   As a reviewer put it, "Eclectic Fusion is a complete mess with jarring musical genre & production-quality switching on every track".   It was supposed to be part of a duo of compilations released that year by Brainwash - 1 being a rap comp ("Stockton City Limits") and the other being an experimental one with the various genres of music that are featured on this one (spoken word, rap, funk, jazz fusion, hip hop & punk / metal) but after Brainwash's incarceration, the project was finished & released on his behalf by music manager & Sykadelik VP Vic "the Jew" Goldstein and was a total mess.   This CD is not advised to be purchased unless you are a die hard true fan of Brainwash or the other artists featured on this record.




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    Sykadelik Music;  Gangsta / Reality Rap;  Alternative Rap;  Hip Hop;  Punk Rock;  Jazz Fusion;  Spoken Word Poetry