Brainwash - "Skitsofrenic"

Brainwash - "Skitsofrenic"

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Produced by Crazy-8 (Black Rhino) for Crazy House Productions

* Produced by Brainwash for X-A-Q Shunn Muzick (Sykadelik Entertainment)

** Produced by Brainwash & Co-Produced by Crazy-8

*** Produced by Crazy-8 & Co-Produced by Brainwash

Mixed & Engineered by Brainwash, Crazy-8 & Mr. Music (L&L Affair)

Recorded at The Mental Ward, Sickness Studios, L&L Studios - Stockton, CA

Mastered at Studio C by Crazy-8 & Brainwash

Orginal Graphic Design by DW Graphics

Graphic Reconstruction by Brainwash 

Published by Sykadelik Music (ASCAP)


Track Listing:

1.  Interview Witta Sycoepath

2.  Brainwashed

3.  Rampage ** 

4.  The Seventh Sign ***

5.  Welcome 2 My Mind  ***

6.  Blood Thirsty  *

7.  Sicc In The Head  ***

8.  Three Strikes   featuring Black Rhino  (Crazy-8 & D-Cal)

9.  Slippin' In The Darkness   featuring Pam Harris

10.  Phone Check   featuring Crazy-8 (Black Rhino)

11.  Behind Enemy Lines  *

12.  Murderous Mentality   featuring Black Rhino  (Crazy-8 & D-Cal)

13.  No Vest   featuring Crazy-8  (Black Rhino)

14.  Russian Roulette   featuring Black Rhino  (Crazy-8 & D-Cal)  &  Koid


Notes About This Release:

This is the original 1996 debut studio album by Brainwash - the groundbreaking & classic, "Skitsofrenic".   This album changed the game and put Stockton California on the map, as Brainwash successfully released this project without any marketing or distribution help initially, selling a remarkable amount of units 100% independent in the first year.   All the original presses of this release are obviously long gone but this 2018 re-issue contains all the same music with virtually identical graphics as the original press copies once did.  This album has been listed on the Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of All Time list as ranked by reputable and legendary magazines, hip hop DJ's and other critics as well.   


Hip Hop Trivia Facts:

In 1996, The Black Rhino was known as Crazy-8  (having changed his name to that from 8-Ball a few years prior)  and  "Black Rhino" was actually the name of the group that Crazy-8 belonged to at the time - along with his partner D-Cal - and together they released the albums "Point Blank Game" in 1994 and "Paper Route" in 1997.   Around 1999, the group disbanded and D-Cal retired from the record business - so Crazy-8 decided to adopt the group's name as his own, since he had invested so much time, money & energy building that name / brand - and thus, The Black Rhino was born.   From this point forward, until his untimely passing in 2012 - he would always be billed as The Black Rhino and the names Crazy-8 and 8-Ball were never again used professionally, although to Brainwash - he was always 8-Ball.   Rest In Paradise, Terry "Crazy-8-Ball" Jones:  The Black Rhino (1969-2012).   




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