Brainwash - "Skitsofrenic" (20 Year Anniversary Collector's Edition)

Brainwash - "Skitsofrenic" (20 Year Anniversary Collector's Edition)

SKU: SYK1996RE16


All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment

Produced, Mixed & Engineered by The Black Rhino

* Produced by Brainwash and Mixed & Engineered by Mr Music & Brainwash

** Produced by The Black Rhino (music) and Mixed & Engineered by N-Sane & Brainwash

Recorded at Sickness Studios, L&L Studios & The Mental Ward - Stockton, CA

Orginal Graphic Design by DW Graphics
Re-Release Graphics by The Black Rhino (cover) & Brainwash (other art)



Track Listing:

1.  Interview Witta Sycoepath

2.  Brainwashed

3.  Rampage

4.  The Seventh Sign

5.  Welcome 2 My Mind

6.  Blood Thirsty  *

7.  Sicc In The Head

8.  Three Strikes   (featuring The Black Rhino & D-Cal)

9.  Slippin' In The Darkness   (featuring Pam Harris)

10.  Phone Check   (featuring The Black Rhino)

11.  Behind Enemy Lines  *

12.  Murderous Mentality   (featuring The Black Rhino & D-Cal)

13.  No Vest   (featuring The Black Rhino)

14.  Russian Roulette   (featuring The Black Rhino, D-Cal & Koid)

15.  Rest In Paradise   (featuring N-Sane of Mental Illness & Big Juice)  **


Notes About This Release:

This is the 20 Year Anniversary Collector's Edition re-release of Brainwash's 1996 groundbreaking & classic debut studio album.   It features the same 14 tracks + a bonus cut in memory of The Black Rhino.   Features performances by The Black Rhino (who also produced most of the record) and D-Cal, Koid, N-Sane & Big Juice.   This is MUST HAVE for all true Brainwash / Sykadelik fans & anyone who loves and appreciates underground rap.    




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    Horror Movie Rap;  Gangsta / Reality Rap