Brainwash - "Sympathy for the Damned"

Brainwash - "Sympathy for the Damned"



All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment


Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Brainwash

Recorded at The InstruMental Ward - Salinas, CA

Graphic Design by Brainwash


Track Listing:

1.  Judgment Day

2.  Pray 4 My Enemies

3.  On One

4.  Me Against Myself

5.  Somebody Tell Me Why

6.  I Dream Of Jeannine

7.  After All This Time I've Spent  (featuring Koid)

8.  Gifted With A Curse

9.  Last Of A Breed

10.  My Own Worst Critic

11.  Actin' Bad

12.  Tattle Tales

13.  Worldwide  (featuring Koid)

14.  The Meaning Of Life

15.  Nothing Left Unsaid



Notes About This Release:

This CD marked Brainwash's long-anticipated return to the music game in 2004, after a 5 year hiatus following an incarceration that took the wind out of this very promising artist's sails in the '90's.   Brainwash hooked back up with long-time collaborator Koid, who convinced him to go back into the lab and record some new music.   The result was 50 songs written, produced & recorded in less than 2 months - 15 of them ending up on this very underrated album.   It's also thanks to this release that Brainwash was able to reconnect with his long-time mentor & friend Black Rhino, who someone in California gave to him after buying one in the streets.   As a result, Rhino contacted Brainwash & after discovering that his buddy and protoge was doing bad, almost homeless & strung out on dope - he convinced Brainwash to move to Las Vegas (where he was now residing) to get clean & start fresh.   Brainwash did & together, the duo got back into the lab and Brainwash would go on to unleash a fury of albums in the next couple of years.




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    Sykadelik Music;  Gangsta / Reality Rap;  Alternative Rap

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