Brainwash - "The Washgate Tapes"

Brainwash - "The Washgate Tapes"



All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment


Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Brainwash ("Da Kid")

* Produced by The Black Rhino

** Produced by DJ Mista Vicious

Graphic Design by Brainwash


Track Listing:

1.  The Ressurrection (intro)

2.  Night of the Living Dead

3.  Mafia Style

4.  Leave a Message

5.  209 Souljah (bootleg) **

6.  Back From The Dead

7.  Shitz Gettin' Deep (bootleg) **

8.  Brain Dead

9.  Murderous Mentality (original)  - featuring Distinct aka Icarus Jones

10.  When They Come 4 Me

11.  Caught Slippin'  (bootleg)  **

12.  Str8 Game

13.  Cruisin'  (bootleg)  **

14.  Here Comes The Pain

15.  SMC 4 Life  (freestyle)  **

16.  Iz It Cool 2 Fuck?

17.  Leave This Place

18.  Sick In The Head (original) *

19.  My So-Called Homiez

20.  They Told Me I Was Nuts

21.  Redrum

22.  209 Wayz 2 Die

23.  Liquor Store

24.  Thats How We Do it

25.  The People vs. Brainwash (original)

26.  The Revolution

27.  The Virus (bootleg) **

28.  Foreva Holdja Piece

29.  On The Prowl



Notes About This Release:

8 years after retiring in 2007, Brainwash kept receiving emails and fan letters begging for him to re-release his old underground tapes from 1990-1994.   After debating whether or not to do that, he decided to put together a limited edition press called "The Washgate Tapes" for his true fans - which included almost every track from all 3 underground tapes "Welcome 2 Stockton" (1990), "Poltergeist" (1992) and "Death Around the Corner" (1994).   This was a limited edition release and I wouldn't expect to find it for sale again anytime soon, but they have been seen on eBay selling for upwards of $199.99 each.  




    No returns or refunds


    Depends on location / weight of order


    Sykadelik Rap;  Gangsta / Reality Rap;  Horror-Movie Rap


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