S.M.C. - "Stockton Mafia Click"

S.M.C. - "Stockton Mafia Click"



All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment


Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Brainwash ("Da Kid") & DJ Mista Vicious

Recorded at The Mental Ward - Stockton, CA

Graphic Design by Brainwash

Dedicated to the memory of Walnutt and Plan-B - RIP


Track Listing:

1.  Rising From The Grave

2.  My Shrink Told Me

3.  Got Me Paranoid

4.  Reasons

5.  Buried Alive

6.  You Wanna Kill Me

7.  Runnin' From The Po-Pos

8.  Bloody Butcha Knife

9.  Filthy Ass Rhymez (remix)

10.  Underage Drankin'

11.  Poltergeist

12.  Underground Sickness

13.  Broccoli & Swamp Water



Notes About This Release:

In 1993, Brainwash ("Da Kid") and his new backup group - SMC (comprising of a lot of members from Stockton 187 like DJ Mista Vicious, Snipe-Dawg, Gangsta-D, Killa Gram; along with some new additions like K-Oss (who later became "Koid"), J-Dogg, C-Bone, Philthy Phil The HItman, Ant-Dogg, Big Time, Jigalo, Big Dawg & Snake Bite) - seeing how Brainwash was kicking ass on the underground scene doing his thing with recording/releasing underground tapes, the crew got together and with his help, put out this limited underground release of their own, which featured a lot of samples and wasn't something that was going to be commercially viable as a studio release but was a cool little underground project for the neighborhood and friends.


Please note that this is an underground release, not a studio album, and was originally released only as a cassette tape in 1993.   It didn't become a CD until much later, when it was mastered-to-disc more for preservation purposes than for commercial release.   I wouldn't expect to find these available again any time soon.




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    Gangsta / Reality Rap