Stockton 187 - "Stocktons Most Wanted"

Stockton 187 - "Stocktons Most Wanted"



All Songs Caught, Cleaned & Cooked by Brainwash for Sykadelik Entertainment


Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Brainwash ("Da Kid"), A-Bomb, DJ Mista Vicious & DJ Gangsta-D

Cuttin' & Scratchin' by DJ Mista Vicious

Recorded at The Bomb Shelter - Stockton, CA

Graphic Design by Brainwash

Dedicated to the memory of Walnutt - RIP


Track Listing:

1.  187 In Progress

2.  Sick Ass Intro

3.  Car Jackin'

4.  Dream About The Devil

5.  Da Muthafuckin' Kid (original)

6.  Filthy Ass Rhymez (original)

7.  Finga On Tha Trigga

8.  Fuckin' Witta G

9.  Gangsta Shit

10.  Hamaside Storyz

11.  It Don't Stop

12.  Right About Now



Notes About This Release:

In 1989, three kids from a breakdance/DJ crew called Tha Krime Wave (Da Kid aka Brainwash, DJ Mista Vicious & Walnutt) joined up with some other kids in the neighborhood & at school (A-Bomb, Gangsta-D, Boss, T-Spoon, Gonzo, Plan-B, Killa Gram, Snipe-Dawg & Shaun Da Mac) and formed the underground rap group Stockton 187.    Together, they recorded an underground tape called "Stockton's Most Wanted" and dubbed copies of it that they sold, traded and gave away throughout town.   The tape was done with very poor-quality equipment & are extremely raw recordings, not really meant for mass consumption but gave these young 12-14 year old kids a little exposure, though none of them had any skills quite yet.


Please note that this is an underground release, not a studio album, and was originally released only as a cassette tape in 1989.   It didn't become a CD until much later, when it was mastered-to-disc more for preservation purposes than for commercial release.   I wouldn't expect to find these available again any time soon.




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