A complete list of all the projects that Brainwash has been involved with over the years.


Stockton 187

Stockton's Most Wanted


Underground Tape

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick / A-Bomb Records / Vicious Groove 

Genre: Gangsta Rap

Group Member, Producer, Rapper, Writer, Co-Executive Producer


Brainwash (Da Kid), DJ Mista Vicious, DJ Gangsta-D, Boss,

T-Spoon, Killa Gram, Walnutt, Plan B, A-Bomb, Shaun Da Mac

At only 12 years old, Brainwash recorded/released his first tape with his group, Stockton 187.

Track Listing:

1.  187 In Progress

2.  Sick Ass Intro

3.  Car Jackin'

4.  Dream About The Devil

5.  Da Muthafuckin' Kid

6.  Finga On The Trigga

7.  Fuckin' Witta G

8.  Gangsta Shit

9.  Hamaside Storyz

10.  It Don't Stop

11.  Right About Now

Stockton 187 - Stocktons Most Wanted cover.jpg
Welcome 2 Stockton cover.jpg

Welcome 2 Stockton

Brainwash (Da Kid)


Underground Tape

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick

Genre: Gangsta Rap

Rapper, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer


SMC, Mista Vicious

A year after recording the Stockton 187 record, Brainwash decided to break-off & drop his 1st solo underground tape.

Track Listing:

1.  Welcome 2 Stockton

2.  Da Mothafuckin' Kid (remix)

3.  Cruisin'

4.  209 Souljah (original)

5.  Caught Slippin' (acapella)

6.  Commercial

7.  Mafia Style

8.  The Omen

9.  209 Wayz 2 Die

10.  Liquor Store

11.  The Resurrection

12.  Welcome 2 Stockton (extended)

13.  Caught Slippin'

14.  On The Prowl (outro)

Brainwash (Da Kid)



Underground Tape

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick

Genre: Gangsta Rap, Horror-Movie Rap

Rapper, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer


SMC, Mista Vicious

Brainwash's 2nd solo underground tape started to show early signs of what his style would soon become a few years later.

Track Listing:

1.  Back From The Dead

2.  Brain Dead

3.  Night of the Living Dead

4.  Redrum

5.  Shitz Gettin' Deep

6.  Str8 Game

7.  That's How We Do It

8.  The Omen

9.  The Revolution

10.  When They Come 4 Me

11.  SMC 4 Life (freestyle)

Poltergiest cover.jpg
Death Around the Corner cover.jpg

Death Around The Corner

Brainwash (Da Kid)


Underground Tape

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick

Genre: Gangsta Rap, Horror-Movie Rap

Rapper, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer


8-Ball (aka Crazy-8 aka The Black Rhino), SMC, Mista Vicious, Distinct (aka Icarus Jones)

Brainwash's final solo underground tape as "Da Kid" featured production by a new connection who would become his music mentor until his death in 2012 - Crazy-8 aka 8-Ball aka The Black Rhino.

Track Listing:

1.  DATC (intro)

2.  Here Comes The Pain

3.  Iz It Cool 2 Fuck?

4.  The Virus

5.  Leave a Message

6.  Leave This Place (freestyle)

7.  My So-Called Homiez

8.  The Omen

9.  Sick In The Head (original)

10.  The People vs. Brainwash

11.  Murderous Mentality (original)

12.  Foreva Holdja Piece

13.  209 Souljah

14.  They Told Me I Was Nutz


Stockton Mafia Click


Underground Tape

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick

Genre: Gangsta Rap, Horror-Movie Rap

Group Member, Rapper, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer


Brainwash, J-Dogg, Young C-Bone, Snipe, Killa Gram,

Gangsta-D, Mista Vicious

Brainwash & his group, SMC, did this underground tape between the years of 1993-1994 and it was compiled in 1994 as an underground release.

Track Listing:

1.  Rising From The Grave

2.  My Shrink Told Me

3.  Got Me Paranoid

4.  Reasons

5.  Buried Alive

6.  You Wanna Kill Me

7.  Runnin' From The Po-Pos

8.  Bloody Butcha Knife

9.  Filthy Ass Rhymez (remix)

10.  Underage Drinkin'

11.  Poltergeist

12.  Underground Sickness

13.  Broccoli & Swamp Water (outro)

SMC Stockton Mafia Click cover.jpg
Brainwash - Skitsofrenic CD Cover.jpg




Studio Album

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick

Genre: Gangsta Rap, Horror-Movie Rap

Rapper, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer


8-Ball (aka Crazy-8 aka The Black Rhino), D-Cal, Koid, Pam Harris, Mr. Music

Brainwash's debut studio album, "Skitsofrenic", came outta nowhere in 1996 and became an instant classic - it's a part of any true rap fan's music collection.   Full of hard gangsta rap and crazy horror-movie styles that so many rappers began to copy and mostly produced by The Black Rhino (Crazy-8 / 8-Ball).

Track Listing:

1.  Interview WItta Sycoepath

2.  Brainwashed

3.  Rampage

4.  The Seventh Sign

5.  Welcome 2 My Mind

6.  Blood Thirsty

7.  Sick In The Head

8.  Three Strikes

9.  Slippin' In The Darkness

10.  Phone Check

11.  Behind Enemy Lines

12.  Murderous Mentality

13.  No Vest

14.  Russian Roulette

The Movie



Independent Film

Regrettable Productions


As Lead Role: "Quasi", also soundtrack contributor


Brainwash, Jake O'Cellaigh, Mark Myers, Cynthia Morales

Written, Directed & Produced by Ronny Wyatt

After his debut album "Skitsofrenic" blew up (particularly the hit single "Slippin In The Darkness"), Brainwash was contacted by an indy filmmaker for permission to use the song in his film & was also commissioned to record a new title track for the soundtrack as well.   Brainwash agreed & showed up to the set, where he was also invited to read for a small role.   His natural acting talent shone and the filmmakers asked him to star as the lead in the film, even though he had never before acted.  The film was made by a former writer for both Saturday Night Live & the Conan O'Brien talk show - but it's not a comedy, it's a dark look at some wanna-be confused kids who get into too much shit in the course of a weekend to get out without dire consequences being handed down.

Side story, Brainwash began dating co-star Cynthia after the film wrapped & would bring a bunch of the cast along with him to create his own movie just a year later.

The movie went on to several film festivals and even won Brainwash a Best New Actor in an Independent or Short award.

Tracks Performed On The Soundtrack: 


"Slippin In The Darkness"

Lost - VCD Cover.jpg
Brainwash - Razor Blades & Bloody Bathwater.JPG




Underground Release

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick

Genre: Horror-Movie Rap

Rapper, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer

As Brainwash was working on the "Lost" movie, his fans were clamoring for new music but he had none for them, so he put together a collection of previously unreleased tracks from the vaults, that focused on Brainwash's trademark "horror movie rap" style and were recorded between the years 1992-1996 (most of them never even intended for release) and dropped them on this underground release to tide the fans over until he could record some new music.

Track Listing:

1.  199666 (The Devil's Own)

2.  Copycat Killa

3.  Brain Food

4.  Wet Dreamz

5.  Acid Trippin'

6.  Serial Maddness

7.  Sycoe Driven

8.  Straight Crazy

9.  Therapy

10.  Nightmare on Governor Circle

11.  Sewasidal Tendinceez

12.  Repossessed

13.  Twisted

14.  Sick Man

The Movie



Independent Film

Sykadelik Films


As Writer, Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Assistant Editor, Executive Producer, Supporting Role: "Kevin", also Soundtrack Contributor, Producer, Executive Producer


Jerome Arrington, Jake O'Cellaigh, Brian Thompson, Mark Myers, Brainwash, Mark Davis, Curt Davis, Cynthia Morales

Written, Directed & Produced by Brainwash

Following Brainwash's debut acting role in 1997's "Lost", he decided to try his hand in indy filmmaking and created the "no-budget movie" cult classic called "Smoked Out" - a drug-based comedy about a couple potheads Jerome & Brian and the adventures they go through during a few day stretch and the crazy characters they interact with (like Bobby the hallucinagenic shermhead, Junior the drug dealer, Mark the tweaker & others).   Brainwash also makes an appearance in a few memorable scenes as the one who can't handle his weed and winds-up passed out for most of the film.    

For this movie, Brainwash enlisted some of the actors from the "Lost" movie including Jake O'Cellaigh, Mark Myers, Cynthia Morales & the filmmaker himself Ronny Wyatt.   The film was extremely low budget and despite the fact that Brainwash hated the final edit (which was done by former "Network" and "Alf" editor Fred Harbott), he released a limited edition of these on VHS.   The soundtrack, which featured some new music by Brainwash, wasn't released until The Director's Cut came out in 2003, but most of the tracks Brainwash would put out on his upcoming album the next year & on other projects as well.

Smoked Out - VCD Cover.jpg
Brainwash - Politics.JPG




Underground Release

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick

Genre: Gangsta Rap

Rapper, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer


Crazy-8 / 8-Ball aka "The Black Rhino", Koid, Lunatik

Just like the year prior, as Brainwash's fans were clamoring for a new album - he was busy making movies and hadn't had much time to hit the studio.   He did drop a bunch of tracks on the "Smoked Out" soundtrack, but most of those were older underground songs and instrumentals and just wasn't the brand-new studio album that fans were waiting for.   So, as he did the year before, he grabbed a bunch of unreleased underground tracks from the vaults and this time put together a collection of gangsta rap songs on a limited release underground CD called "Politics".  Though these songs are old (and some of them not the greatest quality, having been recorded between 1992-1996 in most cases), there are nevertheless some gems on this disc - including Brainwash's 1st ever "real studio" recording and collab with mentor/friend Crazy-8 / 8-Ball "The Black Rhino" called "Smiling Faces".

This was released to tide fans over until his new album could be recorded and promised it would be out soon.

Track Listing:

1.  Rearisen (intro)

2.  Fatal Attraction

3.  First Time Be The Last Time

4.  At The Gates

5.  Shake The Snakes

6.  Turbulence

7.  Last Transaction

8.  Welcome 2 Stockton (remix)

9.  Smiling Faces

10.  Sticky Situation

11.  Till Death Do Us Part

12.  The Money Made Me Do It

13.  How It All Began

14.  Another Day In The Life

15.  Friendz

16.  Paper View




Underground Release

X-A-Q Shunn Muzick

Guest Rapper, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer


Brainwash, Lunatik, Mr. Peebodie ("Mac Marc")​, J. Tru$ of Planet Mongrel, Mike D of COPS

As Koid was still in prison following his 1996 conviction, Brainwash wanted to make sure his name stayed alive out there until his release, so he collected all of Koid's unreleased underground tracks and put them together on this limited run underground CD called "Left 4 Dead" (Da Undaground Shit). 

Track Listing:

1.  Here Come The Real

2.  In This Game That We Play

3.  In These Ghetto Streets

4.  Sticky Situation (remix)

5.  How It Started (live from CYA)

6.  It Aint No Thang (remix)

7.  Hustla 4 Life

8.  It Aint No Thang

9.  Sticky Situation (original)

10.  Stay Up K-Oss (live from CYA)

11.  Tryna Keep Me Trapped

12.  How Real It Is

13.  Welcome Home

Koid - Left 4 Dead.JPG
Brainwash - Posthumous CD Cover.jpg




Studio Album

Sykadelik Muzick

Genre:  Sykadelik, Gangsta Rap, Horror-Movie Rap, Alternative Rap, Spoken-Word Poetry

Rapper, Producer, Writer, Executive Producer


Koid, Mad-Cel, J. Tru$ of Planet Mongrel, Rickochet, Snake Bite & Chad Dorado (The Token White Boy) of Four Feet Projects, Rich Daddy Rich

Finally, after 3 years of waiting - Brainwash dropped a follow-up studio album to his jawdropping debut "Skitsofrenic" - this one called "Posthumous".   Playing off of the fact that he "died" at the end of his debut album on a song called "Russian Roulette" (spoiler alert!).    

This album was different & fresh - both musically and lyrically, as Brainwash brought in live musicians to play pianos, saxophone, guitars & drums on some of the songs and experimented with lyrical delivery and song content/topics - delving lightly into spoken word poetry and delivering some love raps like the extremely radio-friendly "Chemistry" which was the stand-out single from the album.

Though this album was NOT what most of Brainwash's fans expected from him - it showed his maturity & growth from the simple subject matters he had previously done and showed his depth in song writing ability and was received well, though not as widely and largely as his debut was.

The album featured most of the music from the "Smoked Out" film and the track Brainwash did for the "Lost" soundtrack as well.

Track Listing:

1.  Fuck Brainwash

2.  Everybody Kill Yourself

3.  Tryna Come Up (2 Keep From Goin' Under)

4.  Chemistry

5.  Play-Pen 2 The State Penn

6.  Sykadelik

7.  Got Funk?

8.  Let's Die 2Gether

9.  Lost

10.  Internal Affairs

11.  How We Handle That

12.  Fathoms Deep

13.  Chasin' Dragons

14.  Off The Ass

15.  Come & Play With Us (Round Two)

16.  Daily Routine

17.  Time Is Winding Down

18.  Neva Take Me Alive

19.  Till They Kill Me




Underground Release

Sykadelik Entertainment

Poet, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer

In 2000, as Brainwash's life was secretly falling apart, his deep delve into a world of drug and alcohol abuse left him in an altered state.   The result was his failed attempt at releasing a Jim Morrison-esque spoken-word album over new music.    The album marked the lowest point of Brainwash's professional career to match what was happening in his personal life as well.

Track Listing:

1.  The Watchtower

2.  Us All

3.  All Roads Lead 2 Vegas

4.  In The Presence Of My Enemies

5.  Painkillers

6.  Popsicle Stick Houses

7.  Shadowed

8.  The Bus Stop

9.  The Numbers

10.  The Pound

11.  I Am John Cusack

12.  Eye of the Storm

13.  Neighborhood Watch

14.  This Means War!

Brainwash - Cocktail Napkin Poetry.JPG

Brainwash presents the...



Underground Release

Sykadelik Entertainment

Poet, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer

As 2000 hit, Brainwash found himself in some legal troubles that would result in incarceration that year.   Beforehand, he rushed to try and get out a set of compilations (1 being this one, an experimental one featuring various genres of music and 1 being a more rap/r&b one) but in the confusion preceding him going away, some of the tracks were mixed-up and only 1 of these compilations were released - this one ("Eclectic Fusion").  

It featured more of the spoken word poetry that he had done that year on his "Cocktail Napkin Poetry" release - much to his fans disappointment, as well as rap tracks from The Black Rhino (Crazy-8 / 8-Ball)​ & Spice-1 and Koid, R&B/fusion from Planet Mongrel, jazz/fusion from Four Feet Projects, hip-hop from Hemp Nation & Damage/Mudbone and punk rock from a group called Destro.

Fans had no idea how to accept this release & didn't.  It was a commercial flop and admittedly left a bad taste in many Brainwash fans' mouths as this was the last project they'd get out of him that wasn't collections of old material, for a very long time.

Track Listing:

1.  Bust Back (remix) - The Black Rhino feat Spice-1

2.  Would U Die 4 Me - Koid

3.  Karmas Buried Treasure - Brainwash

4.  Jupiter - Planet Mongrel

5.  Zone - Damage & Mudbone

6.  Down (live) - Four Feet Projects

7.  I Can't Help Myself - Koid

8.  The Spinning Sea - Hemp Nation

9.  Memories (live) - Destro

10.  See About a Girl - Brainwash

11.  Danger -  Planet Mongrel

12.  How Real It Is - Koid

13.  2 Years (live) - Destro

14.  Push - Four Feet Projects

15.  Jake & The Magic Goatee - Brainwash

16.  Monkey On Tha 1 - Hemp Nation

17.  Father Forgive Me - Koid

18.  Last Words - Brainwash

Brainwash presents the Eclectic Fusion compilation.jpg

Braiwnash presents the...



(Shelved, Never Released)

Sykadelik Entertainment

Rapper, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer

As Brainwash was preparing to serve time, he rushed to complete 2 compilation albums - one which was an experimental collection of all sorts of musical genres and one which was more rap & R&B​ related.   In the confusion, some of the wrong tracks wound up on the wrong CDs and only the experimental one saw an actual release.  The "Stockton City Limits" CD never saw release but is expected to finally be available soon as "The Lost 1999/2000 Compilation - Stockton City Limits" - featuring old tracks from Brainwash, The Black Rhino, Koid, Mad-Cel, Mental Illness & others.

Brainwash presents - the Stockton City Limits compilation.jpg