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Day 1: "The Upside Down"

For the next 21 days, I'm gonna get yall ready for "Amygdala" by telling little anecdotes about each track on the album, so you can learn about everything that went into each song. Let's start with Track #1 - "The Upside Down" (intro).

So, what I did was flip & re-play some very similar sounds to what the popular Netflix show "Stranger Things" uses for their opening title sequence. Note: that was not a sample from the sho

w! Sounds a lot like it though!

And that's also where the title comes from - "The Upside Down" - being the alternate dimension that the characters in that show explore. (If you haven't seen the show yet - DO. It's dope.)

Throughout the intro, there are snippets of clips from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story that are funny as shit and fit perfectly - like when he was LSD tripping on the trampoline, for example. Because the intro plays like an acid trip kinda. Intermixed with real news snippets from my hometown of Stockton's news reports about the insane murder rate spikes, especially as of lately. And a clip from the original movie trailer for the 80's movie about a serial killer loose in Stockton (also shot there) - Charles Reece in the movie "Rampage" (who the super fans of mine will remember as being used heavily in the making of my debut studio album "Skitsofrenic" in 1996. That was a shout out to my old school fans.

But the bulk of clips used in this song are from a documentary series telling all about the kinda mysterious & very complicated piece of the brain that is, in short, responsible for everything from short term memory to processing emotions to recognizing one's own sense of fear in dangerous situations to triggering the "reward center" of the brain - which my fellow recovering drug addict peoples will understand that that is basically the part of the brain that gets hooked on dope, in simpler terms, among many other factors.

It's a tiny almond shaped piece of the brain in each hemisphere that also controls one's feelings of anxiety, depression & moods. One with a damaged amygdala are often bi-polar, anxiety ridden, depressed, have poor short term memory, are prone to substance abuse, have trouble dealing with stressful and emotionally disturbing life events and cannot feel fear or even recognize it in others. What I found, is that this tiny little piece of brain is pretty much the root cause of every problem I've ever had in my tumultuous life - so when I was brainstorming (pun intended) on an album title, I knew I wanted it brain related and I studied deep into studies of the human mind and when I learned that my amygdala is most certainly damaged goods, as I suffer from all of these conditions (and then some), I decided to use that little fucking broken thing that has plagued me my whole life - to my advantage this time, and exploit it and who knows, maybe figure out how to make it heal itself in the process...

The song is a little weird but it's an intro, designed to kinda explain the vibe of the album and explain it's title a bit (I actually had fans hit me up and ask me who Amy G Dala was and why I named my album after her. LOL. I'm not making fun of anyone - but that's why I'm here, to educate & entertain).

There are no lyrics on the song, just music and the clips I described and it's a few mins long and it's pretty cool, especially if you listen closely in headphones and maybe catch some of the very low volume / faint sounding secret messages I whisper throughout it - in both forward and in reverse too - you'll really have to dig deep to get the whole subliminal messages that I feed you. Don't worry, it's nothing evil - I'm not Ozzy. In the immortal words of Avon Barksdale - "It's all love, it's always love."

So that's the story behind the intro of the album and it's pretty cool. You can hear a piece of it on the little commercial teaser video Don at Scrambyvision Productions put together for me. The music used in that video is directly from. "The Upside Down" (intro) as well as from the 2nd song on the album, which will be tomorrow's song breakdown - "The Golden Age" (featuring the legendary South Central Cartel OG - Big Prodeje). Stay tuned!

- Brainwash '18

*** Bonus Fun Fact ***

This is for the real fans of my "crew", for lack of a better term - and more specifically, fans of my late brother / mentor Crazy-8-Ball: The Black Rhino, who may remember on his debut album, "Point Blank Game" in 1995 - he and D-Cal had an intro that had a heart monitor beeping throughout as Rhino talked in a deep effects voice and intro'd the album, and using the name of their record label then - Phlat Line Records - as a concept, before the heart monitor flatlines, he says to D-Cal to "hand me that scalpel")....

This was again later done on their 2nd album, "Paper Route" from 1997, where at the end of the album's first song after the brief Spice-1 & B-Legit featured intro - my bro 8-Ball (aka The Black Rhino) says "hand me that scalpel" once again... It kinda became an inside thing I guess... So, at the end of my shouts area inside the cover of this album, underneath the R.I.P. dedication tribute to my bro - I ended the shout outs section with a quote that seemed a perfect fit - "Yo, Ball, hand me that scalpel bro..."

Rhino In Peace, my dude. Much love. Catch up to you soon, brother. Meanwhile, I'mma ride for us both, keep your legacy alive as long as I am at least, and rep you 100%. He coined me "The Albino Rhino" a long time ago - LOL. An inside joke, obviously a reference to my pale white Irish skin but let me know that he considered me a brother too - and that's real....

- Amygdala 04/30/18