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Day 2: "The Golden Age"

For the next 21 days, I'm gonna get yall ready for "Amygdala" by telling little anecdotes about each track on the album, so you can learn about everything that went into each song. Yesterday we did the album's intro: "The Upside Down". Today we're going to do Track #2 - "The Golden Age" (featuring Prodeje of South Central Cartel).

"The Golden Age" is a song celebrating the rap game's best era - the mid-80's to the mid-90's. This was the time when real hip hop ruled the charts & legendary artists like N.W.A, Compton's Most Wanted, Spice-1,

The D.O.C., Too $hort, DJ Quik, Run DMC, The Fat Boys & so many other incredibly dope forefathers of the rap game - one of them also being Prodeje from South Central Cartel, who I grew up an enormous fan of. So when I set out to make this song, I knew I was going to find one of these legends to get down with me on the track. I sent the track with verse 1 to Prodeje & he dug it so much, he replied that he was in and got his verse spit and returned to me quickly and I finished my 2nd verse, mixed it & BOOM: a classic hit song was completed. I knew this was going to be the lead song on the album - it's a certified slammer!

The hook I created for it, takes pieces from Eazy-E's "Radio", which itself contained himself & a mixture of vocal elements from other songs too, along with snippets from The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy" and Dead Prez's "Hip Hop" and breaks down the concept of the song perfectly.

- Brainwash '18

*** Lyrics ***

Verse 1

Brainwash rockin' with Prod from the Cartel

South Central & Stockton together... awww, Hell

hard as a bar-bell... get the pacemaker, make your heart fail

and knock you on your ass like Art Shell

it aint hard to tell who got the upper hand

when your money's too big to fit a rubber band

cash & credit – flip it & let it multiply

best believe it's a sure thing if I roll the dice

I don't make it rain at the strip club

I'd rather pop bottles at home in the hot tub

I don't need adoration for validation

all I need is my my AKAI and imagination

still rockin' Black Rhinocerous, now posthumous

be cautionous... still a boss at this Sykadelik awesomeness

I'm flossin' authenticity … often that's the recipe

when I bust... plus 2 cups of dust my pencil leaves

aint no hyperbole … no exaggeratin' facts

these new bootys done ruined it but I'm changin' it back

bringin' back the real rap – bitch I'm from the golden age

when Dre “expressed” it from the Presidential motorcade

(express yourself)

Verse 2

2018 Gangsta Team – 2 Killafornia Veterans

speakers got your heart beatin' like ephedrine

my album features like a rap game fantasy football squad

only the best... reppin' the West … so let 'em know, Prod...

(continues with 12 bars by Prodeje)

Verse 3

I'm from the golden era... where an MC had to spit

fire every time and come with some elaborate

clever type of lyrics... I can hear it like it's yesterday

I scribbled riddles and built an impressive resume'

I recall the days of major label budgets, advances

you couldn't get away with just a bunch of mumbles & chants

all these kids have now are mystic sounds & Pro-Tools

take me back to what they call "the old school"

you needed substance, now there's an abundance of redundant

sounding rappers, like 99 of 100

what happened? Now everybody & they Mommas makin' albums

but take 'em back to the 80's & 90's - they'll choke like The Falcons

only the real ones feel me... where's all my rap fans?

music bumpin' & grindin' just like a lap dance

loud & proud... in this crowded traffic of rappers…

& I'm feelin' road rage... bitch, I AM the golden age...


(Eazy-E sample) "I could play rock, but I prefer hip hop"

(Biggie sample) "Let my tape rock 'til my tape popped"

(Eazy-E sample) "I could play rock, but I prefer hip hop"

(Dead Prez sample) "Real hip hop"

(Eazy-E sample) "on your radio non-stop"

- Amygdala 04/30/18