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Day 3: "Ten & Sumthin"

For the next 21 days, I'm gonna get yall ready for "Amygdala" by telling little anecdotes about each track on the album, so you can learn about everything that went into each song. On Friday, we did the album's first actual song (following the intro) "The Golden Age" (featuring Prodeje of South Central Cartel). But today we're going to do Track #3: "Ten & Sumthin'" (featuring The Black Rhino)

"Ten & Sumthin'" began as a one verse song recorded by my long time brother & mentor 8-Ball aka The Black Rhino, who passed away in 2012. He recorded the original version of the song, then called "Ten & Sum Hen" - talking about his dope production, among other things, and basically telling people that for 10 racks and with a bottle of Hennessy - he'd create a masterpiece for you.

Being that Ball has been long gone for years now, I wasn't gonna even do the album because my mentor was gone and I didn't wanna drop something without him on it. So I took this song, extended the instrumental and wrote a verse talking about my dope lyrics, among other things, and basically telling people that for 10 racks and with a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey (I don't drink that Hennessy shit... LOL) - I'll lay down some fire for you!

So I changed the title from "Ten & Sum Hen" to "Ten & Sumthin'" so it made sense, since I don't drink that shit! LOL. What's funny is that, little known fact, when I think of Ball - I don't even think of Hen - I think of Patron Tequila actually, because that's what he drank when I was around him. And that's what we got fucked up on the night before his funeral too.

So, that's the story of how this song came about and I love it - it's not just a dope song, but it was cool as fuck to get down with my bro again on a track - even if he's gone and didn't get to hear it when I laid it down. Or maybe he did? I dunno, I did feel his presence during the recording of this whole project so I think perhaps he DID hear the shit and if so, I know he loved it too. Rhino In Peace my dude...

- Brainwash '18

*** Lyrics ***

Verse 1

- The Black Rhino's verse (Rest In Peace)

Verse 2

Brainwash in the place to be, homie & I got what it takes to make the

headphones melt

just watch what you say to me, fool - 'cause I'm pent up with rage from the

hand I've been dealt

and I... don't give a fuck about a peace treaty

or a Cease & Desist when I'm pissed really

the only thing I got, man, to keep me focused

is my talent to create another magnum opus

Brainwash got himself a new addiction... a new attraction

of hatin' haters with a passion

only a fraction of the friction that these liars script

is non-fictional … officially they're fulla shit

'cause when the bullets hit … that's when the truth's seen

never trust a cook in the kitchen if apron's too clean

in other words, take these these so-called G's

out to the desert... bet they screamin' for they Mom please

I'm the last of a breed of this species

and when I die don't try to cryogenic deep freeze

let me go... dress me up in Black & Silver

with a bottle of Jameson in a raft up the river



Will I tell you a tale that's been told? No

Will I spit on a track that goes Gold? No

'cause I'm all about Platinum, I get it crackin'

if it's big, give me 10 & some Jameson - make it happen.


- Amygdala 04/30/18