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Day 5: "Plot 2 Get Rich"

For the next 21 days, I'm gonna get yall ready for "Amygdala" by telling little anecdotes about each track on the album, so you can learn about everything that went into each song. Yesterday, we did the deep, personal song "You'll Love Me When I'm Gone"- and today we're doing Track #5: a duet with the one and only legendary Compton's Most Wanted rapper - MC Eiht: "Plot 2 Ge Rich".

"Plot 2 Get Rich" (featuring MC Eiht) is one of the album's hottest slammers, by all accounts. The funny thing is that it started out a completely different song. When I first got at Eiht to get down with me on a track, I sent him the instrumental for "Who You" - another song from the album, complete with my 1st verse. The original idea for that song was gonna be featuring 3 guest artists and each one would talk about themselves in the hook, so Eiht spit his verse to that beat actually. I decided a little while later that his verse didn't fit with my theme and that was nothing against him or anything - it just was poor communication on my part as for what I was going for on that song. So I actually constructed the "Plot 2 Get Rich" beat around his verse and made the beat fit his lyrics. Sent it to him and he loved it, so we ran with it. And it came out super dope!

- Brainwash '18

*** Lyrics ***

Verse 1

From Stockton to Compton, up to Salinas

I made a name for myself - ballin' Vegas to Phoenix

I'm like... one of a kind... an underground legend

say my name, watch 'em tremble when I'm mentioned

I'm loved by few but hated by many

who can't stand to see me win, man - draped in confetti

while the losers hit the locker room, I'm givin' interviews

always keep a smile on my face though I'm livin' thru

a lotta bullshit... but I never let it get me

down to your level, I just grab my weapon quickly

and quietly... I do my dirt all by my lonesome

the only way to guarantee I'm never seein' Folsom

(continues with MC Eiht spittin' a 12 bar verse)

Verse 2

I got a plot 2 get rich... if it's a bank or a mic booth

growin' up I was a knucklehead type youth

I didn't give a fuck... and made some bad calls

but I never hurt another man unless I had cause

it was all about the money... figured I oughta have it

but I didn't so I'm getting wicked with this automatic

plastic dynamite, acetylene

if you lived in Stockton in the 90's, you know what I mean

I was notorious... but I had to hang it up

people started comin' up missin' – the shit got dangerous

decided to focus back on makin' movies & music

I was given a talent, I'd be foolish not to use it

poured out my pain onto paper with a pen & made it poetic

you'll either love my shit or you will but won't admit it

now I'm back in the studio & rockin' some hits

with MC Eiht & a plot to get rich

Verse 3

I got a plot to come up... if it's rhyme or crime

lyrical or criminal – this time it's mine

never fuck with a man who got mouths to feed

'cause I'll make a million dollars off a ounce of weed

if it's what a gotta do... either way I'm getting richer

if I gotta shovel shit in the midst of winter

aint no hustle too demeaning for me

'cause being paid like Dr. Dre is what dreaming to be

I'm a self made thousandare... still I'm grindin'

couldn't see my vision thought I was still criminal minded

but I've advanced past that … now I'm on a new mission

still havin' flashbacks so I can't be bullshittin'

you can either hop aboard or ur getting left behind

I'm sick of waitin' on you fools, man nevermind

if I held off on getting goals accomplished

I'd never fulfill my plot 2 get rich

- Amygdala 04/30/18